Friday D1 Trivia
Friday D1 Trivia

Friday D1 Trivia

The great Napoleon was the leader of the French army. Although almost nothing could faze him, Napoleon was utterly terrified by our friends, the felines.

#3 Bananas do not get sunburns

A= True

B= False *

2)  This is a nod to women’s achievements (being women’s history month)  and to the happy place of flying and speed 😊.  Chuck Yaeger broke the sound barrier first.  When did a woman first do the same?
a)  1949
b)  1953
c)  1960

3)  Government agencies have various forms of assets, some which are not human.  The one in question here is electronic and was  developed and used by the CIA.   Its name is Charlie the Catfish.  What did  it do?
)  Computer and software that trolls the web and makes contact with targets
b)  Robotic fish collecting  water samples (robotic water spy)c)  Autonomous submarine carrying classified supplies

#1 Pluto Is Still Legally Recognized as A Planet In

A= Greenwich, England

B= Texas

C=New Mexico *

D= New York City

#2 During World War II The U.S. Government Banned (But Quickly Returned) What as A Cost Saving Measure

A= Nylon Stockings

B= Music Records

     C= Sliced Bread *

     D= Alcohol Distilling

#3 Which City Has the Largest Taxi Cab Fleet in The World   


B= New York City

C= Mexico City *

D= Tokyo

2)  Which animal has the most muscles?
a)  Hippo
b)  Elephant
c)  Beluga whale

1. In the mid-1800’s, American fire stations were fitted with spiral staircases because:
. They kept the horses from climbing the stairs.
B. They helped keep the firemen in good physical shape.
C. They allowed the firemen to get to the engines more quickly.

#1 Robert Lucas, the 1995 Nobel Prize Winner In Economics, Lost Half 

His Award Money To

A= Stephen Hawking

B= Loan Sharks

C= Bill Clinton

     D= His Ex-wife *

#2 What American Sport Can Trace Its Roots Directly Back To The 

Prohibition Era

A= Baseball

B= Football

     C= Nascar *

D= Professional Wrestling

#3 Which Common Christmas Decoration Is Actually A Parasite

     A= Mistletoe *

B= Holly

C= Poinsettias

D= Amaryllis Flowers

Music-Related Questions

Question 1: Who sang the 1985 song “Party All the Time”?
A. Cindi Lauper
B. Def Leopard
C. Eddie Money
D. Eddie Murphy

Answer: D – Eddie Murphy’s 1985 track “Party All the Time” hit No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Question 2:  Who sang the 1988 song “She’s Like the wind”?
A. Michael Bolton
B. Elton John
C. Bono
D. Patrick Swayze

Answer: D – Patrick Swayze’s 1988 track “She’s Like the Wind” hit No. 3 on the U.S. charts.
Question 3:  Who sang the 1987 song “Respect Yourself”?
A.  Aretha Franklin
B. Cher
C. Tony Orlando
D. Bruce Willis

Answer: D – Bruce Willis’s 1987 track “Respect Yourself” hit No. 5 on the U.S. charts.

Question 4: Who sang the 1998 song “Daydreamin”?
A. Styx
B.  Radio Head
C. The Lovin’ Spoonful
D. Tatyana Ali

Answer: D  – Tatyana Ali’s 1998 track “Daydreamin'” hit No. 6 on the U.S. charts.

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