Linux News May 10th, 2021
Linux News May 10th, 2021

Linux News May 10th, 2021

May 10, 2021

GParted 1.3 Open-Source Partition Editor Improves exFAT Support

GParted, the open-source and free partition editor software based on parted, has been updated to version 1.3, a release that brings new features and various improvements.

GParted 1.3 comes more than three months after GParted 1.2, which was the first release to introduce support for the exFAT file system. This new release improves exFAT support by adding the ability to read file system usage, as well as to set or update the UUID of exFAT partitions.

On top of that, GParted 1.3 adds support for resizing open LUKS2 encryption mappings with passphrase, restores the detection of encrypted file systems, improves support for the Reiser4 file system, and addresses various bugs, crashes, and other annoyances to make your disk partitioning tasks easier.

For example, it fixes a crash that occurred in the ‘Create New Partition’ dialog when changing partition type, fixes an issue that prevents GParted from hanging when non-named device is hung, and addresses a crash probing libparted unrecognized encrypted file system.

This release also adds an Ukrainian translation of the documentation and updates numerous other language translations. For more details, you can study the release notes.

You can download GParted 1.3 right now from the official website, but only the source code is provided, which needs to be compiled. If you want to use this new release on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, you’ll have to wait a while for it to arrive in the stable repositories, or wait for the GParted Live 1.3 system.

Armbian 21.05 Now AvailableMay 10, 2021 –

The Armbian developers have released the latest update to the Debian-based Linux distribution geared for ARM and embedded devices.

For anyone that makes use of ARM-based architecture, you have a friend in Armbian, which is a Debian-based Linux distribution, purpose-built for ARM and embedded devices (including development boards and Linux phones). Armbian is a simple-to-use, lightweight, secure Linux distribution, optimized for ARM-based hardware. This new release includes the 5.11 kernel, which now includes support for the Orange Pi R1 Plus as well as improved NVIDIA Jetson Nano support.

But Armbian isn’t limited to only single-board computers and other embedded devices. This distribution can also run on ARM-based laptops such as the Pinebook Pro. Other supported devices include Banana Pi BPI M3, Firefly, Odroid N2+, Odroid-XU4, RockPro64, NanoPi K2, NanoPi M4V2, and Tinker Board computers.

Although Armbian defaults to the Xfce desktop, 21.05 also brings support for the GNOME desktop environment. You’ll also find USB-C DisplayPort and eDP outputs enabled for the NanoPC-T4 board and includes the usual host of bug fixes, patches, and updates.

Download a version of Armbian for all supported devices from the official download page and enjoy Linux on your ARM-based hardware of choice. You’ll find support available for over 130 different devices.

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